Maintained (Toggle) vs. Momentary Push Buttons

In Movicon.NExT there are two categories of buttons. Check Box style (on/off toggle) or Commands.

Digital Check-Box Buttons

The Movicon NExT buttons are divided into two types according to their mechanics but they all have the same style properties.  Some buttons have ON-OFF mechanics while others execute COMMANDS.

Therefore you must insert the button type that is appropriate for the functionality needed.


Be reminded that the styles of each object you insert on screen can be modified graphically but their mechanics cannot.  


Buttons>Check Box

In this Toolbox section you will find a vast range of buttons by type and style.  The main characteristic of this category is the possibility to associate a variable for toggling between 0 and 1 (On or Off).

Even though this object's styles are the same as those of the command buttons, its "Check-Box" mechanics require you to associate a Tag variable.  This can be done by using the Drag & Drop techniques or by associating the Tag using the properties or quick select menu.


Some examples of Buttons from the Toolbox

Attached (link at the bottom) you will find a small example project demonstrating the three Click Modes for a Check Box (Maintained Push Button).

  • Release, tag is set On after pressed and released
  • Press, tag is set On when pressed
  • Hover, tag is set On or Off when mouse is over object

Lastly you will notice another button on the screen labeled Impulsive (Momentary).  While the style is similar to the others, this is a command button.  The Tag Value command has been set on this button and is configured as shown in the image below.

Screenshot of Momentary push button configuration

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