How to add users in runtime to your Movicon project

Movicon 11 has a built-in feature to add, edit, and delete users in the runtime environment.  There are only a couple steps necessary to enable this feature in your project.

First in the project properties you will need to enable security in the project.  Click on the Users And User Groups resource in the Project Explorer, then view the properties in the Property viewer.

You will need to ensure that (1) General>Enable Password Manager is enabled, (2) Advanced>Enable Runtime Users is enabled, and finally (3), record or modify the Advanced>User Level Editable value.  This is the minimum security level at which someone needs to be logged in to add, edit, or remove users and user groups in runtime.

Once these few steps are taken, you will want to make sure you have at least one development user defined in the project with a level at or above the level recorded from the User and User Groups property Advanced>User Level Editable.

Next step is to add a push button or hot region to the screen so that you can use the built-in command "Edit Users".  We recommend adding a security to this button equal to the level needed to edit the runtime user list.  This way a user must login to the HMI before accessing the Runtime Users tool and will have the proper credentials to modify any records.

Please find attached to this article (link at bottom) an example project that highlights this feature.  Simply download the example and extract the project from the zipped folder.


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