Can I transfer a soft key license activation?

In certain circumstances it could be necessary to transfer a soft key license activation from one PC to another.  For example, if a PC is being replaced or had some hardware failure.

Direction for this process can be found in the Movicon On-line Help documentation and have also been explained below.

…Transferring "Site Key" codes as described from the On-line Movicon help...

If you need to re-install the software or transfer the license to another PC, you will first have to remove the license by transferring the site key code to a Floppy disk, USB dongle or a network path shared by two PCs and insert the code into the new station.

The two computers are defined as:

Source PC : is the PC which contains the Movicon license
Destination PC: is the PC in which the license is to be transferred to

To complete this operation successfully please follow these steps:

  1. Insert a Floppy disk, a USB dongle, or use a network path shared by the two PCs, where the destination PC must be setup to receive the license using the "Register Transfer" command from the "Software License Management" window accessed with the  "Check Options Used (Dongle Requirements)..."  command.
  2. Transfer the Floppy disk or USB dongle to the Source PC or use the network path shared by the two PCs and press the "Transfer Out" button in the same "Software License Management" window.
  3. Put the Floppy disk or USB dongle, now containing the license, in the Destination PC or use the network path shared by the two PCs and press the "Transfer In" button from the "Software License Management" window.

The license should now be transferred to the Destination PC.  Repeat these procedures to transfer license back.

In brief, to transfer licenses you should always use:

  1. Register Transfer
  2. Transfer Out
  3. Transfer In
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