How to prevent clicking a push button a second time after logging in to HMI

The Movicon run time allows for different behavior depending on the HMI designers preferences.  One example of this is the action taken when a control has security enabled.  So, for example, maybe an operator walks up to an HMI terminal and touches a control on the screen that manipulates the starting or stopping of a  motor.  Since this is an important task the control has security enabled and the user must log in to complete the action.

A popup window appears asking the user for credentials, after the username and password are entered the user clicks OK.  If the credentials are correct and the user has a level at or above that of the control item, they will be permitted to proceed with the action.

Depending on the designers setting, the action will complete immediately after the user logs in or the user will need to touch the control again.

This is managed directly from the User & User Groups property General>Advanced>Run Commands after Login.  If this property is enabled the action of a control will take place immediately after the user logs in successfully.  With the property disabled the user will need to manipulate the control a second time.

Click on the User & User Groups resource in the Project Explorer window and view the Properties.

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