Soft Key Activation for SCADA LT/BA/PRO

To enter Site Key, do the following:

  1. Open the Movicon editor on each PC to receive a Soft Key license
  2. Using the Edit menu – navigate to the option “Check License needs (Dongle Requirements)” Or use the License Manager shortcut from the tool ribbon...
  3. When the license manager window appears navigate to the tab labeled “Soft Key Management” (1)
  4. Find the section named “Authorization” (2)
  5. In the “Site Code” (3) field should be the same code you sent to our offices to receive a license
  6. Below this, in the “Soft Key” (4) field you will enter the Soft Key code from the license document attached
  7. Press the OK (5) button after the code has been entered
  8. Close Movicon and reopen and follow steps 1, 2, & 3 again
  9. In the section named “Current License Information” look next to the “Status” label
  10. Here you should see “Authorization OK”
  11. Next navigate to the tab labeled “Verify Dongle”
  12. Here you can see the enabled options for the license you purchased under “Enabled Options”
  13. Look for the items that are not grayed out and verify they are correct

 Contact our office or email for any further questions.

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