Soft Key Activation for Movicon CE/CE Lite

To enter Site Key, do the following:

In the Movicon 11 development you will need to enable or verify that you are targeting a Windows™ CE deployment.  Open the project in the Movicon 11.x editor and navigate to the project properties, specifically Platforms>Target License Type and set it to Standard.

  1. Click on the project name in the Project Explorer window
  2. Navigate to the Platforms property group in the Properties window
  3. Verify the Target License Type property is set to Standard
  4. Save the project

After saving the project and transferring it to the run time Windows CE panel…

When you run the project for the first time a pop up window will appear.  In this popup will be a Site Code field and a Site Key field.  Please record the Site Code and send to along with the serial number of the Movicon sticker that will be applied to the run time PC.

Once Progea receives this Site Code and serial number we can enable the license and a Site Key will be automatically emailed to you.

In the meantime you can press the ‘Please, Demo Mode’ button and the project will run for 2 hours.

Contact our office or email for any further questions.

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