Best Practices - Installing Movicon

This article outlines the best practices when installing the Movicon software on your Windows™ PC…

The notes below are based on installing Movicon version 11.4.1150 on a Windows 8 PC, but will apply likely to installation on Windows XP, 7, and Server OS as well as other versions of Movicon.

You can obtain the Movicon software installer several ways…

  1. Register for the free trial at
  2. Contact your local Progea representative or distributor for a DVD or USB copy
  3. By purchasing a run time software license, the DVD or USB media is included

First it is recommended that a user with Administrative rights installs Movicon on the PC and that User Account Control (UAC) Settings are set to Never notify.  A computer Reboot might be necessary when adjusting this setting…

Once you have downloaded or inserted the installation media, it is best to open the folder or device folder and run the installer as Administrator.  To do this right click on the setup.exe and select from the menu “Run as administrator”.


Note:  If the following popup appears, it is likely that the setup was not run as administrator.  You can continue by selecting the Run button, but it is still recommended that you Cancel and follow the previous step.

Note:  The next two images apply to the DVD or USB media install and not the downloaded version of the Movicon installer.

Once the Welcome to Movicon Setup Installer window appears you can select the preferred language by clicking on the corresponding flag to continue, you can also exit the installer by clicking the Exit button towards the bottom of the window.  For the purpose of this technical note we have selected “English”.

From this window you can begin the installation process by clicking the arrow next to the first option “Install Movicon 11.#”.

Once the InstallShield Wizard loads you can select the Next > button to continue the installation process.

The next dialog window is in regards to the language packs that will be loaded for the Interactive Development Environment (IDE).  English will be selected by default but you can choose additional languages for the Movicon developer to support by checking the appropriate box.  Once you have made any additional selections or use only the default you can press the Next > button to continue.  At this point you can also use the < Back button to return back to the previous dialog window.

Appearing next will be the License Agreement dialog window.  If you agree to the terms of this agreement you can simply select the radio button “I accept the terms in the license agreement” and press the Next > button to continue the installation process.

The Customer Information data entry window will now appear.  You can enter the User Name and Organization in the appropriate fields and then select the Next > button to continue.

The Setup Type configuration window allows you to select the type of installation you wish to execute.  In most cases the “Typical” selection will be used.  This will install all the necessary components to develop and run a Movicon application.  For advanced users a “Custom” installation can be chosen.  This allows for installation of Run Time only components as well as the ability to pick and choose which communication drivers and Movicon tools are installed on the PC.  Once a selection has been made simply press the Next > button to continue.

Note: In cases that a Soft Key license type is to be used on a Windows Standard application the full Movicon environment (development and run time) must be installed to manage the Site Key that is to be enabled.

Once the Ready to Install the Program dialog window appears you can press the Install button to complete the configuration process and begin installation.

The Installing Movicon 11.4 window will appear and could take several minutes to complete the installation process.  This depends and a number of factors like installation media type and PC hardware.  If you need to terminate the installation for any reason you can press the Cancel button in the lower right area of the window.

Once the installation process has completed successfully the window below will appear.  From here you can select the Finish button to close the dialog and return back to the Movicon Installer menu window.

You can continue with installing other applications and components or use the Back button to return then Exit button to close the installer.


Note: On PC with Windows 7 or higher it is highly recommended that you configure Movicon to always run with administrative privileges.  The next couple screen shoots explain how to do this.

Using the Windows File Explorer, navigate to the installation directory of Movicon:

  • 64 bit => C:\Program Files (x86)\Progea\Movicon11.4
  • 32 bit => C:\Program Files\Progea\Movicon11.4

Locate the following .exe files in this directory, sorting by type can speed up this process as there are many files:

  • movicon.exe
  • moviconRunTime.exe
  • moviconServiceexe

Using the mouse right click on one of these files and select Properties from the popup menu.

The corresponding Properties window will appear and you will navigate to the Compatibility tab to configure the Privilege level.  Check the box next to “Run this program as an administrator”.  It is recommended that you do this for all three .exe Movicon files.

Windows 7

Windows 8


Your PC is now ready to use Movicon.

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