Occasionally it might be necessary to remove or “kill” a soft key license from a PC.  For example in the event that the Movicon runtime software license needs to be upgraded from one I/O Byte size to another or maybe a web client option needs to be added.  The procedure below will outline how to properly remove a software license and report the removal to Progea so an upgraded license can be issued.

Once the new license size and/or options are determined you can contact Progea to begin the license upgrade process.

The procedure on the PC with the license to be killed is as follows:

First start by opening the license manager by clicking on the link  show below from the main toolbar.  You can also access the license manager from the menu Edit>Check License needs (Dongle Requirements…)

Note: If you cannot click on the icon or it is grayed out a Movicon project will need to be opened in the editor first.

Once the license manager is open you can:

  1. Select the Soft Key Management tab
  2. Verify that the PC has an active software license, “Authorization OK”
  3. Press the Kill License button, you will have one more opportunity after this to cancel this operation.

The window below will appear after you have pressed the Kill License button from the Soft Key Management tab of the license manager.  This will be your last opportunity to cancel the removal of the active license from the system.

After selecting the Yes button another Movicon popup window will appear.  It is very important not to press OK or close this window before capturing the confirmation code.  This confirmation code matches a digital signature from the original site code.  The two codes need to be analyzed by Progea to verify that the license was killed and a new license can then be issued.

  1. Capture and record the confirmation code
  2. Press the OK button

Use this confirmation code to complete the Declaration of License Cancelation form which needs to be completed and signed for each license that is to be canceled.

Note: If upgrading…

Once the license is removed it is suggested to shutdown Movicon and reboot the PC.  You can then restart Movicon and open the license manager, a new site code will be printed in the field.  This new site code should be recorded and sent to Progea after which a new site key can be issued to re-license the PC.

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