Beckhoff Driver (7:09)

PLC_Processor_and_IOIn this short video we demonstrate the easy but powerful integration with a Beckhoff PLC using a native Movicon driver.

Movicon supports both version 2.x and 3.x of the TwinCAT driver through the ADS libraries and management of port 801 or 851 of the PLC. The driver supports the import of variables/tags directly from the PLC file type’s .exp or .tpy as well as browsing a live PLC that is connected in network with the development PC.  This video examines:

  • Driver creation
  • Station (PLC) creation
  • Import of tags directly from live PLC
  • Running and testing the application
  • Viewing a live video feed of the PLC

Additional Resource Links: IO Drivers Reference Guide, IO Drivers List

Download Project Example:

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