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With the Movicon Web Client app for Apple devices. Using the app will allow you to connect to Movicon 11 HMI and SCADA applications with your favorite mobile devices. This short tutorial steps through the setup and configuration using the web client app version 2.0.5. Additional configuration of your network, firewalls, and application might be necessary and are not covered in this tutorial. Please reference the Movicon Web Client Reference Guide for more details.

If you have not done so already you will need to download the app from the Apple AppStore. Additional apps are available for Android and Blackberry devices.


From the home screen locate the Movicon Web Client app and click to open it.


Profile List Screen

  1. Add, create a new profile, opens Profile settings screen
  2. Edit, used to rearrange or edit existing profiles
  3. Sort, sort list by your preference
  4. Menu, access to General Settings, Help,...
  5. Search, enter profile name to search the configured list
  6. Profile List, listing of all configured connections

Press the + to add a profile and access the

Profile Settings Screen


Basic settings:

  1. Basic/Advanced,switch between the two setting screens
  2. Profile Name, enter name to be used in profile list
  3. Server Address, server IP address or name
    1. webclient.movicon.us can be used to connect to our demo server
  4. Server Port, default 12233
  5. Startup screen, leaving blank will use the projects startup screen, you can also specify a specific screen
  6. Username, if password manager is enabled in the Movicon project you will need to enter a valid project or runtime user in this field to connect
  7. Password, valid password for the user entered in the Username field

Advanced settings:



  1. Timeout [ms], enter time in milliseconds to try the connection before going into error
  2. GMT difference, enter the difference in hours from the GMT time, check here

Once you have entered the setting to connect to your HMI device, SCADA server, or our demo server press the < arrow on the top navigation bar. This will return to the Profile List screen and the newly configured profile will be listed. Simply click on the profile name to attempt to connect to the server and view the HMI/SCADA screens. If a connection is not made you will receive an error message. You can also choose to edit the profiles with a sliding motion of the profile name to the left.

Connection_List  Connection_Edit

After the connection the server is made you will see the HMI/SCADA screen defined in the profile settings of the app or the projects default startup screen as defined in the projects properties.

Our demo project is setup to allow navigation throughout the entire project. This is accomplished very easily through the Movicon 11 editor by selecting a screen and using the create web client command. Depending on your configuration the user can access screens, review and acknowledge alarms, adjust settings, and much more...
  1. Click on the screens navigation buttons to navigate to other screens.
  1. Double click anywhere on the screen to call the app return navigation bar...
  2. Press the < arrow to return to the Profile List screen

General Settings Screen

  1. Screen Format, allows you to fix the screen position or have it rotate automatically when the device is rotated
  2. Screen Resolution,adjust to the quality of the graphics displayed on the device
    1. Note that setting to High can cause longer screen update times
  3. Never switch-off display, keeps the device from sleeping so the screen can be viewed anytime like a typical HMI
    1. Consideration of the battery life should be evaluated when using this setting and running the device on the internal batteries
  4. Keep Always Connected, keeps the active connection to the server alive even if app is in the background
    1. Consideration of the battery life should be evaluated when using this setting and running the device on the internal batteries

You can also view the web client demo through a standard internet browser by connecting to our Live Demo:

Live Web Client Demo

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