Web Client - Chrome Version 45 and later

Movicon Web Client

With the release of Chrome Version 45, NPAPI support for plugins like Java have been depreciated. To allow enable the Movicon 11 Web Client in this version of the browser additional steps need to be taken to allow the correct functionality.

Use IE Tab for Chrome

The best way to use Java (or Silverlight, or other NPAPI-based technologies) going forward is to use IE Tab for Chrome.  You can set up Auto URLs to automatically open certain urls using IE Tab, providing a seamless experience, as if Java support never went away.



Once the plugin has been loaded you will be asked to allow the Progea Movicon applet to Run. Selecting the "Do not show this again for apps from the publisher and location above" will suppress the message next time you connect to the web client.
You can test your browser by connecting to our Live Demo: 
Live Web Client Demo
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