Using Refactoring Explorer - Error Checking

The Movicon 11 Interactive Development Environment (IDE) comes with built-in error checking.

The errors refer to variables inserted in the properties of the resources and objects which have not been defined in the Real Time DB, or can be due to objects placement out of the screen area.

Open the Refactoring Explorer through the View menu and selecting Refactoring Explorer, the window could also be docked on the lower border of the IDE.

Clicking the tab or selecting from the View menu will show the Refactoring Explorer, pin it down by clicking the pin in the upper right corner of the Explorer window.

Next start clicking on the various resources in the Project Explorer, for example selecting a screen resource will error check the screen for variable errors.  Please note that the resource does not need to be open to use Refactoring.  In the screen shot below, a screen is selected and we can see an error about a variable named "LED0001" missing.  This means the variable was assigned to a control but does not exist the the Movicon variable database (RTDB),

From here click on the error and then press the lightning bolt icon in the upper left corner of the window or double click (1) on the error itself.  This will open the screen and highlight (2) the object with the error.

Open: pressing this button will open the screen where the error was found. When the selected resource is not a screen, this command will have no effect.Refactoring Explorer Window

Rebuild: pressing this button will rebuild the list of errors for the selected resource.

  Stop build: pressing this button will stop the rebuilding of the error list which was requested with the "Rebuild" button.

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