Locating your Movicon.NExT local site code

A Local Site Code alphanumeric string is displayed in the License Manager window.  This code is essential for obtaining a valid activation license.  The Local Site Code is unique and tied to the machine in which the product is installed. In order to get a software license, you must purchase one from the Progea sales offices or one of the authorized distributors. The user who purchases a software license will receive a license serial number and a file containing the activation code generated in conjunction with the Local Site Code. Otherwise, they will receive instructions to access the website in order to generate the license online autonomously. 

  1. Open your Movicon.NExT program by double-clicking on the shortcut, on the tool ribbon click on the "License Manager" icon"


  2. On the License Manager dialog window highlight and copy the Local Site Code provided

  3. Paste the Local Site Code in an email and send to the appropriate Progea sales office or authorized distributor.
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