Progea at work on the next Movicon 11 release

Today the Movicon 11 technology represents a consolidated reality for Progea as a successful product that continues to be evolutional by following a predefined roadmap.  In accordance with this roadmap work has commenced to upgrade the product to the 11.5 version with release scheduled for November 2015 to coincide with the SPS fair in Nuremburg. 
The main novelties in the 11.5 version will include the implementation of the OPC UA technology which will became an intrinsic feature in Movicon 11, both as Server and Client for PC applications and only as Client for WinCE applications. 
We believe that the OPC UA standard will propagate at a large scale as the criterion of interoperability standards, to exist enterprise-wide both at factory floor level and business management level.  Today there is much talk of Industry 4.0 and IoT, two issues for which OPC UA is essential. That is why we are working hard on this technology, incorporating it natively in Movicon 11 and of course in Platform.NExT" affirms Claudio Fiorani, R&D Manager of Progea and president of OPC Foundation Italy.
Movicon 11 is therefore a modern, robust and flexible product always aligned with market trends.  Project offers two technologies, two platforms on which their automation projects are based.  Click on the following link to find out and choose which of the technologies best suits your needs:
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