Transferring a Movicon.NExT softkey license to another PC

In certain circumstances it could be necessary to transfer a soft key license activation from one PC to another.  For example, if a PC is being replaced or had some hardware failure.

Direction for this process can be found in the Movicon On-line Help documentation and have also been explained below.

Open the Movicon.NExT software and view the File menu ribbon.

Click the License Manager option in the Dongle section of the Ribbon.

A "KeyCode" popup (shown below) window should appear with several options for managing your Movicon.NExT license.  For transferring or removal of a softkey license, we'll be using the button labeled "Remove License".

*NOTE: Clicking the Remove License button will permanently REMOVE the license from the PC.  The same PC will not be permitted to reuse the existing license activation file nor the same license serial number.  A fee could apply in cases where a new license activation is necessary.

After clicking the Remove License button, a "Please Confirm..." popup message will appear, pressing OK will continue the process and will be irreversible.

After several seconds a return code message will appear with an alphanumeric code confirming the operation.  This code needs to be recorded and sent to your local distributor or Progea office.  Click on the code, highlighting it then use the Ctrl + C to copy the code.

If available, please send the Site Code of the new PC along with the return code from the old PC.  Once the code has been validated by Progea a new license activation file can be generated.


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