Changing the System Date and Time within Movicon 11 run-time

This article will show how to use Edit-Box objects to change/assign time and date values to the localhost system. 


In this example, I have created a simple screen that contains six(6) EditBox-Displays from Objects category in the Toolbox within the Movicon 11 development environment. Also, a button that will be used to execute the update/change command. The EditBox-Display have the following variables:

1- _SysVar_:StrobeHourLocalTime

2- _SysVar_:StrobeMinuteLocalTime

3- _SysVar_:StrobeSecondLocalTime

4- _SysVar_:StrobeMonthLocalTime

5- _SysVar_:StrobeDayLocalTime

6- _SysVar_:StrobeSecondLocalTime

7- Button with the following Command associated with it: _SysVar_:StrobeLocalTime

Add these tags to the associated EditBox display variable fields in the Properties Explorer.

*Make to set the Min and Maximum Value allowed in the field under the "Style" section in the Properties Explorer. EX. Hours can only be from 0 to 23; Minutes - 0-59*

Next, in the Button Properties menu, you need to add a new command on the "Command On Release" and add a "New Command".    


1- Choose: SysVar_:StrobeLocalTime in the variable field

2- Action is "Set"

3- Change the "Value" field to 1. (Movicon will automatically change back to 0 after execution)

In run-time, you can enter in the values that you want the system clock to change to and then hit the button that you have the SysVar_StrobeLocalTime Command associated with. This will update your system time and date without having to exit the runtime.

Thanks for reading! As always, send me a message if you have any questions on this, or any other questions on Movicon 11 or Movicon.NExT platform!

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