This a quick guide to get a PLC connected to your program by assigning a driver to the project.

Configure PLC Driver

To connect a PLC to your project, there are a few simple steps to follow:

  • Double-click on I/O Data Server menu in project explorer pane of left side of window.


  • Click on Drivers tab in the main window.
  • Right-click anywhere in main window in Drivers tab to open pop-up; click on ‘Add New Driver’.


  • The New Driver Wizard window will pop-up. Here is where you will choose the PLC(s) that will be incorporated into your project.



*For this example, I will be using the Allen Bradley PLC L16ER by Rockwell Automation.

  • Choose your Driver name and click the” Next” button to proceed.


  • Double-click on the driver name in the main window and the General and Channel Settings popup window will appear.


*For this example, I will leave the General settings alone. More specific instructions and descriptions of each setting can be found in the user manual.

  • If you are connecting to PLC for live testing of project, ensure that the Enable checkbox is checked.
  • Click on Channel Setting tab to configure the communication with your PLC.


  • Enter in a description for the PLC you are going to use in the Name field. Ex. Motor Controls; Main Machine; etc…
  • The Host Name will be the IP Address of your PLC.

*I will keep the remaining fields at default. Please refer to the manual for specific instructions on other fields if they need to be different then default.

  • Once channel is configured, the Station folder will appear in the settings menu. Double-click on folder to proceed.


1- Choose your PLC type from menu.

2- Change name of PLC that will be used in your project.

3- Associate which Channel this PLC will be associated with if there are multiple channels.


You have now successfully added a PLC driver to your project!   I attached the section of the User Manual to this article that will describe specific fields that individual projects may need changing. In most cases, the Movicon platform drivers default settings have been set up to provide easy connection to the PLC in the project. 

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