Movicon.NExT supports a Geo Page feature which integrates geographic maps and geo-localization managements in screens. This feature is used for creating geo-localized
projects to enable the handling of maps within the screens which can be navigated and
integrated with dynamic data from the project.

This is an example of a geo-localization page with dynamic values.
Starting up the project with the "Geo Page" startup page, Movicon will display a
geographic map as the opening screen pointing to the latitude and longitude
coordinates specified.


 On first opening this page, the standard zoom factors will be
assigned and can be adjusted as liked. The zoom setting will be memorized and used
for the opening of the next page.


Screen Layout
As described for Screens the Screen Layout can also be used for creating navigation
bars among other things. The page containing maps will therefore be considered the
home page to start from and additional screen layouts can be used for those functions
which have been coordinated and integrated in the project such as in the initial

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