Add a VOIP alarm notification to Movicon.NExT project

The Movicon.NExT program can send notifications to users through the built-in plugin features found within the Alarm Dispatcher. This guide will show you how to set up the VOIP plugin and associate an alarm notification which will then call a user (or multiple users) in cases of a chosen alarm or alarms being activated. Initial setup and additional information on the Alarm dispatcher can be found here:

 *We have used Skype for our testing and configuration for this document. Here is a link on a tutorial on how to set up a SIP with Skype.


Steps to configure the VOIP notification plugin:

  • Open Alarm Dispatcher menu and select the Plugin List menu. Go to top Ribbon and select the “Add New Plugin”.


  • Choose the ‘Voice over IP message sender’ and click OK.


  • Choose the Voice over IP message sender from the list of Plugin Name and edit properties (Press the F4 key or right click > Edit > Properties). On this menu you can enter in a greeting message, a ending message, and a intermediate message in the case of multiple messages sent.mceclip10.png
  1. If you are using a SIP service (we used Skype for this tutorial) make sure ‘Enable SIP Server’ checkbox is enabled. Enter your Display Name, User ID, and Register Name into the fields. Enter Register password into field that was provided when you set up your SIP account. Enter in your Host IP or URL (Skype default is shown) and Port number (default shown).
  2. To finish, choose between the Microsoft male or female voice.

  • After setting up the plugin, go back to the ‘Notifications’ section of the Alarm Dispatcher and select ‘Add Notification’ from the ribbon menu.
    1. Name: Select name for alarm or choose the ellipse button and choose alarm from String ID.
    2. Message: Click the ellipse button to choose a String ID message for the message field.
    3. Recipient: will let you choose a User or group to receive the alarm.
    4. Item: will let you choose the tag that the alarm is associated with.
    5. Plugin: is where you will select Voice Over IP plugin to enable the system to call the user(s) in case the selected alarm is triggered.
    6. Priority: depending on how you configured the priority items in the Alarm Dispatcher screen, you can select the priority of the individual alarm chosen.mceclip12.png

Depending on how you configured your Alarm Dispatcher options, the remainder of the fields are discussed in greater detail following the link provided:

  • To associate a tag with an alarm, go to the Tags List in the IO Server properties and Assign Alarm Definition to the tag and select the alarm that you have the associated VOIP notification configured to.


VOIP Setup with Skype

Alarm Dispatcher – VOIP Module

The VOIP module of Movicon.NExT allows users to set up a voice notification call to a Movicon user or group of users to vocalize an alarm(s). 

Movicon uses the SIP protocol to call the user and can use a provider like Skype for example.

To use Skype as the service provider for VoIP, you need to follow the next steps:

  • You need to have a Skype account.
  • Go to
  • Login with your profile.
  • Go in Features – Skype connect and select create a new SIP profile.


  • Define a profile namemceclip15.png
  • Subscribe for 1 channel at the monthly fee indicated


  • Then you will define the credentials and password to authenticate.
  • Once the profile is defined you must be sure that you have enough credit on your account. If not, you need to load credit and you must wait a short time to get the activation.
  • To see if the account is activated you can go on your profile


  • Click on authentication details, you see there if your profile is activated or not and you see also the parameters needed to setup the VoIP module of Movicon.


  • Below, the Movicon VoIP plug-in settings: remember the user has to press # to go to alarm message or close communication.


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