Creating Symbols and Grouping Objects

The Movicon object graphics can be grouped together in order to create one Symbol
composed of different elements. This mechanism is very handy when needing to use the
same composed Symbol several times in the project. These Symbols can also be added
to the "Symbol Gallery" for later use in other projects.
To create a composed symbol simply select a object or symbol group on screen and use
the 'create group' command from the "Screen Manager - Grouping" or from the
contextual menu which opens with a right mouse click on the selected elements
("Symbol - Create Group" menu).



1- Select all objects by left-click and dragging around objects to select them. Go to the grouping tab above the ribbon and select "GroupBox". This will group all objects together.

2- Alternatively, you can highlight all objects by dragging around them with mouse and then right click on highlighted group. This will bring up the menu where you can create a group.

3- You can save new symbol to Symbol Library after you have grouped the objects. 



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